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Cruise Operator & Repairer

The Angermeyers have made tourism in the Galapagos a family tradition, offering pioneer charter visits for adventurous foreigners that date back to the very first days of the National Park's foundation.

Our products and services have been built with the unparalleled experience of Fiddi Angermeyer whose appreciation of the Galapagos Islands and his knowledge of the sea can be matched only by few.

Fiddi Angermeyer was born and raised in the Galapagos Islands learning his skills from his father Fritz, a boat builder and one of the first people to charter cruises in the Galapagos.

With a lifetime of profound knowledge and experience as to how this wonderful natural world can be best appreciated, Angermeyer Cruises have also perfected the art of cruise comfort through a long history and passion for boat building and sailing.

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Our Team

Introducing our Expert Crew and Staff

A part of the Angermeyer Cruises family, they have worked with us for many years gaining invaluable experience on our boats.

The majority of the crew are from the islands, so they really know and appreciate the wonder of the archipelago.

One hundred percent committed to providing a safe and unforgettable Galápagos experience, the crew are involved in ongoing training as part of their work and professional development.

Fiddi's sisters, Maggie and Ana, head the main office on Galápagos, with a team of local staff passionate about the islands and their work.

Our Exceptional Guides

Our guides are incredibly professional and possess an amazing quantity of knowledge of the flora and fauna of the islands. They are truly dedicated to the conservation of the archipelago and extremely respectful of the wildlife they will introduce you to.

All field guides are certified by the Galapagos National Park and are qualified to follow the itineraries authorised by the park.

Your guide will lead you on all land visits and marine activities during your cruise. He or she will also relay daily briefings, having carefully planned all the details of each day's activities with the captain.

A Safe Journey

All our boats are renovated by Fiddi Angermeyer. He also supervises the ongoing maintenance and repair of the boats at the Angermeyer Cruises workshop on the islands and at shipyards on mainland Ecuador for major overhauls.

Each ship has up–to–date navegar and safety equipment on board, meeting ISM, SOLAS and IMO standards, and constant radio contact is maintained with the marina and the office.

There are enough life jackets for all passengers and crew members on board. Our professional, fully qualified and dedicated captains and crew have safety in mind at all times and are fully prepared in the event of an emergency.

They will demonstrate the use of life-vests and the use and location of safety equipment in the mandatory safety drill carried out with all new groups.

The crew also take part in exercises and fire drills as part of their weekly training programs, an integral part of our commitment to safety at sea.

Angermeyer Cruises current 2016 Fleet
S/S Mary Anne & M/Y Passion

Angermeyer Cruises

Barefoot Luxury Expeditions in Galapagos

Following Angermeyer's tradtion a new Luxury Mega Yacht has been added to our fleet, the beautiful M/Y Passion. Our signature Sailing Ship S/S Mary Anne will let you discover the Galapagos islands in style

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