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The Angermeyers and the Galapagos Islands. 

Interest in the archipelago exceeds the realms of natural history; it had already been the source of legend in Incan times, and Castilian historians continued to fuel its aura during the early years of colonial South America, baptizing them The Enchanted Isles (Las Encantadas).
By the time the Angermeyers heard of them in the late 1920s, fascination for the Galapagos Islands had grown enormously thanks to visits by the likes of Captain Cook, Herman Melville, and of course Charles Darwin.
It was through the awe-inspiring words of a Dutch sea captain, who painted the picture of a luscious tropical paradise, that the Angermeyer brothers became enthused about leaving the life as they knew it behind. As the European continent was nearing the start of its most ravishing war, it wasn't far-fetched for anyone to imagine something better elsewhere.
For the Angermeyers, the Galapagos Islands were to be just this place and through the encouragement of their grandfather, brothers Karl, Fritz, Hans and Gus sailed to the Islands.

Angermeyer brothers cruises historyAngermeyer-Cruises-HistoryTheir parents were eager for their sons to flee and sold their home in order to purchase the brothers the yacht on which they sailed away from Germany. They first went to Holland, then to England, and named their yacht ‘Marie’ after their mother.
Karl, Gus, Hans and Fritz Angermeyer arrived on Santa Cruz Island in 1937 to escape the turbulence of the unfolding war in Europe.
The brothers settled on Santa Cruz, where they spent about a year in the highlands farming and hunting goat and wild pigs. Eventually they relocated to the shoreline, living near the port for several years and making a living from fishing.

Angermeyer Cruises Boat BuildingHere they built their first boat from the extraordinarily resistant matazarno (a heavy iron-hard wood from a tree that grows in arid areas), thus establishing a long family tradition of building boats and sailing in the Galapagos Islands.

Angermeyer-Cruises-Angermeyer-pointOne by one the brothers married and built lava rock houses on and around the rocky headlands, today known as Angermeyer Point. They were the first to settle there at a time when there was no supply of fresh water, but they believed that the point was so beautiful they could not possibly live anywhere else.

When Karl Angermeyer began building his house, the colony of marine iguanas inhabiting the rugged volcanic headlands ignored this new presence on their turf. In fact, they never moved out and learned to live in harmony with their new neighbors.

In the late 1950s and into the 1960s, the Angermeyers became an example of how settlers could benefit from the international interest in seeing the islands. Previously fishermen, they soon began to charter their boats to scientists and tourists visiting the islands.

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Galapagos, a Paradise?

Their arrival in 1937 quickly rendered the Angermeyer brother's vision of a Crusoe-ian utopia askew, as they explored the unfertile terrain which lacked even the slightest conditions to ensure the comforts of so-called paradise.

They spent more than a decade trying to settle, moving from site to site in search of a suitable living environment, fishing, hunting and farming for their everyday food. It wasn't easy, the Islands were still the type of place that would break you more than make you, and stories of colonization, let alone successful colonization, were few and far between.

However, a visionary perspective of their situation in the world lead the Angermeyers to look beyond island frontiers as they swiftly realised that their mysterious nature deserved to be unravelled and shown to the world.

“a daily dose of adventure, complete freedom and the rare kind of zest that comes only with survival on the most elemental level.”

Karl Angermeyer once described life on the Galapagos Islands as: Galapagos Islands

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Passion for Sailing

Angermeyer Cruises Nnavigating Full SailsSailing is true communion with nature. A sailing vessel must negotiate with the seas and winds to reach its destination. In this day and age, it is a pleasure and deep honour to operate in the Galapagos Islands in environmentally sound ships, travelling the seas, experiencing nature at its purest.
Travelling by wind on open sails to where dolphins play and enormous peaceful whale sharks float, to where Eagle Rays spring from the ocean deep and agile sea lions twirl in the water next to the boat… Sailing in the Galapagos Islands is a treat to the senses, an experience of a lifetime when done right by those who know and love them intimately.

A true Galapagos story

The Angermeyers have always had a passion for the sea. Their first experiences as farmers quickly convinced them that they were not made to plough the land, and in no time they began fishing, which lead to boat building, and once their boats had been used to tour the islands with foreign visitors, they started to evolve and adapt, in true Galapagan form, from fishing boats to tourist charters.

The Nixe

After having lived some 20 odd years getting to know the Galapagos intimately, the Angermeyers began showing scientists and photographers around on a small family fishing boat they named The Nixe, considered today a precursor of tourism in the islands.
Constructed in the late 1950s, the boat was made out of island wood and materials left behind by the US army base in Baltra. This experience proved fascinating for the Angermeyer brothers, as they interacted with visitors from around the world and little by little left their initial agricultural endeavours behind to dedicate their life's work to promoting appreciation of the Galapagos' natural world.
The Nixe, in this sense, is the missing link between traditional fishing boats and the tourist cruise yachts we find today.

Fiddi Angermeyer: Evolution, the Essence of Galapagos tours

When Fiddi Angermeyer returned from college in the United States, he began working on his father's Nixe, which only hosted four passengers and two crewmembers. Having witnessed its coming to be as a young boy, and having experienced his parents' and uncles' work in the field,
Fiddi decided to fill some pretty big shoes. Through hands'on experience he dutifully learnt every aspect of today's tourism industry: from guiding to maintenance, sailing to cooking and cleaning. The Nixe served as a stepping-stone for bigger and grander dreams and from this point on, a new evolutionary process took shape as Fiddi continually sought after more comfort in his workspace as well as for his travellers, building a reputation that today has become a legend in itself.

A rare kind of zest

Angermeyer-Cruises-Karl-PaintingLife in the Galapagos Islands is full of contradictions. It is inhospitable, yet paradisiacal. It is peaceful and inspiring, as it is demanding in ways unimaginable. One must adapt to the hardships, yet the adaptation process is a deeply fulfilling one.
Karl Angermeyer once coined it a rare kind of zest that comes only with survival on the most elemental level. It is through sacrifice and love for their surroundings that the Angermeyers followed through with their quest for a new and better home when they left war-ridden Europe. Today, Galapagueños at heart, and an integral part of Galapagos' history, the Angermeyer legacy lives on.

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Our passion for sailing and a deep-rooted love for our home, the Galapagos Islands, come together to give you the most adventurous and profound experience you could wish for, in one of the most paradisiacal and intriguing destinations on Earth.

The Angermeyer boats

Angermeyer Cruises Fiddi AngermeyerWith a lifetime of sailing and shipbuilding experience, Fiddi Angermeyer is a master craftsman and keen seafarer. Born on the islands in 1950, he looked-on as his parents built the Nixe, perhaps adding a thing or two to the family's first fishing boat, learning, in the process, the ways and wherefores of life at sea.
Fiddi embodies a passion for reconstructing and remodeling vessels acquired from around the world, and his expertise, which has translated into the complete makeover of a total of eleven custom sailing ships, showcase his unparalleled experience in creating the best in passenger comfort.
Our passion for sailing and a deep-rooted love for our home, the Galapagos Islands, come together to give you the most adventurous and profound experience you could wish for, in one of the most paradisiacal and intriguing destinations on Earth.
Since his first refurbishing experience on the Encantada, a handsome yacht that to this day continues to operate in the Galapagos, Fiddi has recreated beautiful and smart interiors on a wide array of sailing ships.
1960 Nixe
1975 Encantada
1979 Pirata
1981 Cachalote
1985 Orca
1989 Andando
1992 Samba
1998 Sagitta
2002 Heritage
2003 Diamante
2006 Mary Anne
Today Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises work with the S/S Mary Anne, gorgeous sailing ship boasting Smart Voyager certification, and the new M/Y Passion - Luxury Yacht. Both Vessels have been designed to reduce environmental impact on the islands and give you the most intimate, awe-inspiring Galapagos vacation.
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