Galapagos Budget Boats

Budget Galapagos Boat tours

There are several budget boats in the Galapagos Islands, however, going for the lowest price option might not return the quality that you expect during your Galapagos cruise. Our economic boat tours have been carefully inspected and tested by our sales executives.  Our happy passengers and positive reviews have been our main indicators to trust certain vessels with our passengers.  Economic yachts will still reach far distance islands based on their itinerary giving you access to remote and enchanted visitor sites.

galapagos-budget-boat-fragata.jpgM/Y Fragata Yacht
Tourist Superior

Exceptional nature encounters

  • Very nice accommodation
  • Affordable prices
  • Remarkable knowledge about the islands
Fragata yacht photos + more
Encantada Galapagos Boat Budget

M/Y Encantada Tourist boat
The best option for your Galapagos Island Hopping Tour

  • Visit more islands than island hopping tours
  • Naturalist Guide on board
  • 8 day and shorter cruises available
  • Passengers Lounge Passion Galapagos Luxury Cruise
    Luxury Galapagos Yachts
  • sun deck galapagos cruise anahi
    First Class Galapagos Boats
  • Cormorant Galapagos Luxury Cruise
    Galapagos Catamarans
  • kayaking galapagos cruise
    Budget Cruises & Island Hopping tours

galapagos-budget-boat-aida-maria.jpg M/Y Aida Maria Yacht
Tourist Superior

Great itineraries and guides

  • Traditional local boat
  • Excellent service on board
  • Friendly crew and experienced guides

Aida Maria yacht photos + more



M/Y Golondrina Boat
Tourist class

Great value cruise

  • Modest price boat
  • Laid back ambience
  • Short cruises available

  Golondrina yacht photos + more

Guantanamera Galapagos Boat

M/Y Guantanamera
(Boat no longer in service as of October 28th 2016)

A small and basic option

  • Galapagos Naturalist on board
  • Comfortable and spacious tourist class
  • Boat Itinerary includes Genovesa
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