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Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises offer luxurious experiences

Like the very best sports cars made, or the intricate craftsmanship excellence of handmade watches, Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises offer luxurious experiences and exquisite performance.

Life aboard a chartered luxury yacht is a truly unique and satisfying experience.


Galapagos Barefoot Luxury Cruise yacht charter

Chartering a yacht takes you to a new horizon each day, giving you access to places in the Galapagos Islands that few people will ever get to know, all in the highest comfort.

Our yacht charters combine unparalleled attention to detail and personal service and the finest charter yachts available. When you seek the pinnacle of sailing vacations, Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises offer you aluxury expedition yacht cruise, of which you are the exclusive guest.

A Galapagos Barefoot Luxury Cruise yacht charter is the ideal vacation in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, the Galapagos Islands, designed specifically for people who enjoy being on the water

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Lifetime memories...

A luxury yacht charter is perfect for exploring some of the most beautiful, yet remote parts of the Galapagos Islands. Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises will provide a luxury yacht to charter that fulfills your personal yachting desires.

Your memories of the beauty the Galapagos Islands has to offer from aboard our luxury yacht charterwill last your lifetime.

Galapagos Luxury Charters

Define Your Personal Galapagos Islands Charter Yacht Experience

Not only do you have exclusivity with your Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises guide, you can also adapt the itinerary to visit the sites you desire and do the activities that most interest you in the Galapagos Islands (Please keep in mind that the Galapagos Islands is a national park, so any special itinerary or activity will be subject to the Galapagos National Park approval).

Galapagos Charter Wildlife

What other way can you combine awe-inspiring sites and wildlife, exclusive privacy and unabashed luxury without the limitations of a cruise ship schedule, or the hassle of crowded visitor sites.

 galapagos-charter-chef.jpgAre you a foodie? Have dietary restrictions? Don’t worry when chartering an Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises boat; you have your choice of cuisine, from an international five star chef to the most famous chef in Ecuador, you take the reins in food choices. Kick back and relax aboard at your own pace, enjoying gourmet cuisine prepared and enjoyed on board by our chef.

Enjoy excellent accommodations and a level of personalized service that not even the best hotels can provide. With a 1:1 service ratio and an exclusive 12 to 14 passenger capacity, we are able to cater to your desires. Want someone to document your trip? A masseuse to massage your tired feet? You name it; you can most likely do it.

Galapagos-charter-cruise-director.jpgThe definition of tailor-made tours comes alive with the chartering of an Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises boat.

A yacht charter in the Galapagos Islands is the ultimate luxurious holiday experience, offering personalized service and an exceptional level of freedom and privacy.

By chartering a yacht with Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises, you will enjoy exceptional service and attention to detail, with the best experienced professionals who will help you choose the ideal charter vessel and itinerary to suit your interests; whether it’s a family holiday, wedding or honeymoon, a romantic break or a corporate event. With a yacht charter in the Galapagos, blissful relaxation and pure enjoyment await you.

A charter in the Galapagos Islands is ideal for small to medium groups and gives you the chance to travel the way you choose and with whom you choose.  Also, Andando Tours / Angermeyer Cruises charter yacht crews are experts in hospitality and event planning, making a wedding, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary, or family reunion in the Galapagos Islands the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

 It’s not just any cruise, it’s your cruise. And you’ll be cruising in one of the most unique places on earth, the Galapagos Islands, so take advantage!

We just returned from a week in the Galapagos on board the Passion. It was a wonderful experience. The crew was a joy. And like true professionals, they took care of us in style every minute of every day.

There was only one other couple onboard, so the 4 of us had all (I think) 13 crew members to ourselves.

The suites were great. Frankly better than on most full size cruise ships we’ve been on. We had a king bed, 2 bathrooms and a nice tub and separate shower.

We ate breakfast and lunch on deck under a canopy on deck. And dinner was in a very nice dining room on a spectacular alabaster table. Even the centerpieces were new every day.

It’s not an inexpensive trip. But I’d be hard pressed to think of any way that the service or accommodations could be improved

Traveled on board the M/Y Passion
February 2016

Drew Kaplan M/Y Passion

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Galapagos charter passion yacht passengers

We recently returned from an amazing cruise on the M/Y Passion. The ship, the crew, the service, the food and the islands were all wonderful. We can’t say enough good things.

We were a multi-generational family group, twelve in total, including two grandparents, four parents and six children (ages 4 – 13). The crew effortlessly handled each and every one of our needs, from serving a “children’s meal” in the evening to making sure that there were snorkels and wetsuits for all.

Our staterooms were kept impeccably clean and the entire ship was immaculate. The excellent service from the crew allowed us to relax and enjoy being together as a family, more than on any vacation that we have experienced.

The ship is extremely comfortable and large enough that there is plenty of room for everyone, including twelve crew members. There is a lovely outdoor dining area on the upper deck where we enjoyed numerous meals and spent countless hours enjoying one another’s company.

The food was fantastic, the best we experienced in Ecuador. Our chef, Anna, created interesting and delicious meals and would cater her menu to the tastes and needs of our group. Every meal was thoughtfully prepared and expertly served.

The landscape and wildlife of the Galapagos was also incredible. Young and old alike were amazed at the creatures we saw on land and that we swam with in the water.

We were all thrilled the first time a penguin swam with us while snorkeling and when the sea lions would play it was even better. The children are still talking about the experiences they had and the memories from the trip will last a lifetime.

Our exploration was as impactful as it was due to our guide, Sandie, who was wonderful. She was extremely knowledgeable about all of the flora and fauna in the islands, including the ability to speak sea lion.

We were truly privileged to have spent time on the M/Y Passion. It is an outstanding ship with an energetic and creative crew. The owners have made every effort to ensure that the passengers have a most enjoyable stay onboard. Our entire party would all highly recommend the M/Y Passion.

Traveled on board the M/Y Passion
December 2015

Mitchell Fenimore M/Y Passion

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