Galapagos Cruise Vacation

Cruising the Galapagos Islands

Perhaps cruising the archipelago is the option that best allows visitors to discover more of what the islands have to offer in the shortest amount of time. Different ships have tours for 4, 5, 6, 8 or 15-day cruises.

For instance, during an 8-day cruise, you will visit at least 5 Islands and 10 visitor points. You will have two daily excursions guided by a Galapagos National Park Guide. Depending on your boat's itinerary and facilities, kayaking, snorkeling and even occassional diving could be part of the daily activities.

A vessel's passenger capacity is important when you make a decision, especially if you are looking for the type of experience a small boat can provide. Galapagos Cruises offer adventure, exploration and a fascinating world of Discovery in this wildlife sanctuary, the Galapagos Islands. 

Last but not least, island hopping and hotel-based tours are good options for those passengers who want to interact with the local communities and stay overnight in hotels in order to do multi-sport activities.

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Sailing Galapagos Boats


There is no better place to explore under full sail than the Galapagos Islands

Besides sitting low in the sea offering full stability while navigating,  sailing ships are charming, sleek and enjoyable from every point of view. Travel around the Galapagos in our classic sailing cruise ship, while enjoying exquisite cuisine and observing wildlife from her spacious decks.


Sailboat Cruises



First Class
Galapagos Vessels


Great value cruise options


This excellent range of boats is perfect to suit all your travel needs, while ensuring intimate experiences on board, expert and friendly Galapagos National Park Guides and one-of-a-kind encounters with the unique flora and fauna in some of the most remote visitor sites in the archipelago. In this category we suggest the M/C Anahí catamaran.


  • Prices from $2260
  • Good prices, great value
  • Spacious cabins and social areas
  • Highly Recomended catamaran, M/C Anahi
High-End Vessels

Luxury Cruise Galapagos 


Barefoot Luxury expeditions: Carefree travel in complete style and comfort

It is difficult to define luxury in the Galapagos Islands. Nevertheless, the following yachts match our criteria to be considered premium quality in the Galapagos, due to its accmmodation, added value services and passenger reviews. For the ultimate in barefoot luxury, you can't beat a cruise on the M/Y Passion.


  • Prices from $6235 per person
  • Cruise director  on board
  • Great visitor sites and Naturalist guides
  • Highly recomended yacht, M/Y Passion Galapagos Cruise
Luxury Yachts



Budget and Island hopping Galapagos Tours


Island Hopping is a great way to experience the Galapagos.

When you are based in one of our carefully selected hotels, it is possible to take day trips to the surrounding islands. On these excursions you’ll see a different side of the Galapagos where humans live in harmony with the exotic wildlife. Less expensive cruise options are also available and in this category we recommend the M/Y Encantada yacht.


Budget Boats + Island Hopping