Gardner Bay

Gardner Bay | Galapagos Islands

Sea lions bask lazily on Gardner Bay, a white-sand beach which is one of the longest in Galapagos. The charming Española mockingbird often hurries to greet visitors, and you can sometimes see Galapagos hawks flying overhead.

There are marine iguanas and Sally lightfoot crabs on the rocks at the end of the beach. Snorkeling is also very enjoyable at Isla Tortuga and Gardner Islet.



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Española Island

This island is a true highlight. It offers an amazing variety of animal species: albatrosses, boobies, tropical birds, gulls, hawks, and sea lions, as well as magical experiences that will make your visit unforgettable. There are a number of visitor sites on this island, including Punta Suarez, Gardner Bay, Gardner Islet, and Osborn Islet.