Darwin bay Galapagos

Darwin Bay

Genovesa Island

We will land at a small sand and coral beach, to soon realize why this island is known as “a bird paradise”.

Among the bird species found here, the most common are swallow-tailed and lava gulls, mockingbirds, yellow-crowned night herons, lava herons, Galapagos doves and yellow warblers, which add a dash of color with their bright yellow feathers.


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The salt bushes of the island are dominated by great frigatebirds and red-footed boobies that breed in abundance on this island.

Looking carefully, you might spot unusual red-footed boobies that have white feathers instead of their normal brown plumage.

From the beach a trail leads past tide pools and lava ridges to a high point overlooking the bay, offering one of the most rewarding views in Galapagos.

This is also the only place in the islands to observe the sharp-beaked ground finch.