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Andando tours Andando Tours

Andando Tours is the result of Fiddi Angermeyer’s unyielding love for Ecuador’s natural and cultural heritage. Having been born and raised on the Galapagos, and from childhood taking part in his parent’s drive to show the wonders of this fascinating paradise, Fiddi understood that his calling was to expand a small family business into a world-class tourism operation that understands how to embrace the challenge of sustaining a fragile environment. In 1992, as his success solidified, Andando Tours was born, out of new desires to expand the company’s horizons, offering additional tourism products with the same philosophy of maintaining high standards and environmental consciousness.



Angermeyer Cruises Angermeyer Cruises

The Angermeyers have made tourism in the Galapagos a family tradition, offering pioneer charter visits for adventurous foreigners that date back to the very first days of the National Park’s foundation. With a lifetime of profound knowledge and experience as to how this wonderful natural world can be best appreciated, Angermeyer Cruises have also perfected the art of cruise comfort through a long history and passion for boat building and sailing.

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