S/S Mary Anne
The S/S Mary Anne is an elegant first-class vessel that flaunts her sails over open waters.

M/C Yacht Anahi
M/C Yacht Anahi is a Power Catamaran Yacht built in Guayaquil, Ecuador and launched…

Other Ships
These ships present a different option to our sailing vessels to travel around the Islands.

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Even though Galapagos is known for being a natural and ecological destination, there are some luxury cruises in the islands that will let you enjoy this natural treasure with exclusivity and style.


Sailing ships

Nothing can let you enjoy a nautical experience than a cruise on board a sailing ship or yacht. And what better place to explore under full sails than the famous Galapagos Islands!

First Class

A good compromise between price and comfort. From small yachts and catamarans to huge cruise ships: most of the ships in The Galapagos are first class, so you will have a lot of options to choose from!

Budget and Island hopping

These options present economical options that will still let you get a real feel for the Galapagos with acceptable services. Don`t worry, we would never present a product that we have not tested ourselves!

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