Islet Osborn

Osborn Islet

Osborn Islet is located to the southeast of Gardner Bay, nearby Española Island. You will get there by panga (dinghy) and there are no trails or main attractions, only the panoramic views or the many species that inhabit the place.

The islet was named after Henry Fairfield Osborn, a true lover of nature and species. William Beebe worked for him and named the islet after traveling to discover Galapagos.

There are many different schools of fish and many sea species, such as parrot fish, sea lions, butterfly fish, corals, green pencil urchins and many other colorful fish. You are not allowed to land, but you can swim and practice snorkeling due to the many species that live there.

You don't need much experience to dive at this site.

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Española Island

Española Island has many incredible sites: among them are Gardner Bay, Osborn Islet, Gardner Islet and Punta Suarez. It is a true highlight that boasts a huge variety of animal species.