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[fa icon="plus-square"] What makes the S/S Mary Anne Special
  • Due to its steel hull, tall masts and deep draft, the Mary Anne is one of the most stable vessels in the islands.
  • Travel with the Galapagos Cruise industry pioneers.
  • Elegant 3 mast barquentine that is the only of its kind on the Islands 
  • Navigating with full sails, you will enjoy travelling without the sound of engines, dolphins and whales are more likely to swim alongside 
  • Whether travelling alone or in a group, the Mary Anne can accommodate everyone, with 8 single cabins and no single supplement.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Crew, Accommodations & Facilities


9 Crew Members + Certified Naturalist Guide

Accomodation and facilities:

All guest accommodations are located on the Cabin Deck. The Main Deck is complete with the dining room, kitchen, library and entertainment center, and on the Sun Deck you will find open-air seating, kayak storage, the bridge and plenty of space for taking in the beautiful sights.

The vessel features a wood-panaled, confortable lounge area with a cozy bar and ample sun decks.

[fa icon="plus-square"] What's included in my Galapagos Cruise with Mary Anne


Double accommodation
All meals
Programmed visits to the islands with a Certified Naturalist Guide
Snorkeling gear (mask, snorkel and flippers)
Transfers from the airport to the yacht and return

Not Included:

Air ticket to/from Galapagos
Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee ($100 per person)
Transit Control Card ($20 per person)
Wet suit
Alcoholic and bottled beverages


Christmas and New year's Eve. Holidays - additional surcharge applies. Ask us

[fa icon="plus-square"] Itinerary East



PM: Black Turtle Cove PR


AM: Darwin Bay HK, KY, PR, SN

PM: El Barranco HK, KY, PR, SN


AM: Bartolome HK, PR, SN

PM: Sullivan Bay HK, SN


AM: Rabida HK, KY, PR, SN

PM: Cerro Dragon HK, SN


AM: Santa Cruz Highlands HK

PM: Charles Darwin Station HK


AM: Plaza Sur HK

PM: Santa Fe HK, KY, PR, SN


AM: Gardner Bay HK, KY, SN

AM: Islet Gardner PR, SN

AM: Islet Osborn SN

PM: Punta Suarez HK


AM: Lava Tunnels & Baltra Airport HK


If you want a day by day description of this itinerary please click here to download a pdf document.

(Right click and select Save as to download)

[fa icon="plus-square"] Itinerary West



PM: Charles Darwin Station HK


AM: Punta Cormorant HK, PR, SN

AM: Devil´S Crown SN

PM: Post Office bay HK, PR, SN


AM: Black Beach

PM: Navigation & Whale And Dolphin Observation


AM: Punta Moreno HK, PR, SN

PM: Elizabeth Bay PR


AM: Urbina Bay HK, SN

PM: Punta Espinosa HK, SN


AM: Tagus Cove HK, KY, PR, SN

PM: Punta Vicente Roca PR, SN


AM: Espumilla Beach HK, KY, PR, SN

AM: Bucanero Cove KY, PR, SN

PM: Puerto Egas HK, SN


AM: North Seymour & Baltra Airport HK, PR, SN


If you want a day by day description of this itinerary please click here to download a pdf document.

(Right click and select Save as to download)

[fa icon="plus-square"] Deck Plan S/S Mary Anne