Rabida Island

A strikingly beautiful red landscape, produced by high iron content and quick oxidation, gives this island the nickname “mars on earth."

We will disembark on a red sand beach where it is possible to see the millenia-old lava fields of the island. We will then take a trail surrounded by Palo Santo trees (Holy Stick) and the endemic species of prickly pear cactus of the island, which leads to cliffs used by blue footed boobies to perch while resting between dives.

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There is no better place for bird-watching on the islands than Rabida. It features some of the rarest avian species on the archipelago, including 9 varieties of finches, Galapagos hawks, brown pelicans and large-billed flycatchers.

Rabida is also home to pelicans marine iguanas and the ever present sea lions. We will explore the brackish lagoon of the island, where it usual to find white-cheeked pintails, and, on some seasons, a few greater flamingos. The visit ends with some snorkeling on the island shores, where, with a little bit of luck, we might encounter some penguins.