Urbina Bay

Urbina Bay

Isabela Island

This area at the foot of Alcedo volcano was thrust upward from beneath the sea by volcanic activity in 1954, and much coral, rounded stones, and other skeletons of marine formations can be seen on land.

The marine iguanas and the colourful and larger than usual land iguanas have taken advantage of the new rocks; the marine iguanas, although not common here, are some of the largest recorded in the islands

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Endemic plant species, such the thin-leaved Darwin┬┤s shrub, Darwiniothamnus tenuifolius, have begun to colonize the freshly available land. But beware of the manzanillo or poison-apple tree. The sap can burn the skin, though giant tortoises appear to be unaffected, and eat the fruit. It is a good place to see Darwin cotton, the Galapagos hawk, and the Galapagos flycatcher.

There are two trails here, long and short, but the uplifted coral heads can only be seen on the longer trail. Flightless cormorants, penguins, blue-footed boobies, and pelicans are sometimes seen along the shore.

Your guide will notify you that it is illegal to take any coral remnants from the shore. Although they are incredibly pretty, and very interesting to see, after a while the shore would be empty if everyone took a little piece.