Galapagos Experts

With 40 years of experience working as Galapagos tour operator, our staff is made up of trained experts who will help you design your custom vacation to meet all your travel needs and interests.

We are the tailor-made traveler designers, full of excellent ideas about how to make the best of your time in Galapagos Islands and Ecuador. We have carefully selected the Galapagos cruises, hotels, service providers and destinations to offer the best experience possible. We are constantly exploring the nooks and crannies of Galapagos and Ecuador to continue to offer new and exciting travel experiences.

Each custom-designed trip offers quality and high end service, something that everyone looks for in their travel planning. Our clients are our number one priority and we are thankful that our past guests have always been extremely satisfied with their experience.


Andando Tours is the result of Fiddi Angermeyer's unyielding love for Ecuador's natural and cultural heritage. Having been born and raised on the Galapagos, since childhood he has been a part in his parent's drive to show the wonders of this fascinating paradise.

Fiddi understood that his calling was to expand a small family business into a world-class tourism operation that understands how to embrace the challenge of sustaining a fragile environment.

In 1992, as his success solidified, Andando Tours was born out of new desires to expand the company's reach, offering additional tourism products with the same philosophy of maintaining high standards and environmental consciousness.


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