The Galapagos is a unique paradise allowing for an experience that is without a doubt unlike your average cruise. The delicate nature of the archipelago’s ecosystem, located 600 miles from mainland Ecuador, make it so cruise ships are smaller and naturally, as a result, offer a more personalized experience.

Consider the difference: an average cruise ship in the Caribbean boasts room for more than 3000 people, whereas a Galapagos cruise usually averages only 16 people.

On one of the mega ships in the Caribbean you may never see the same staff member more than once, on the other hand in the Galapagos, as the ratio of staff to guests is much smaller, you will be in close contact with the same cruise ship staff on a regular basis, allowing them to not only know your name, but also encouraging personal interaction with locals, as many of those working aboard are originally from the Islands.

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One of the benefits of the mega cruise lines is that they offer all kinds of activities in each port of call. In the Galapagos being that the distances are not so great as those taken on by the mega cruises, you will usually have the opportunity to do not one but two different land excursions per day in different islands to visit unparalleled visitor sites well as the opportunity to snorkel with the different sea creatures on a daily basis.

While the Caribbean cruise ships are like floating cities, allowing any and every kind of activity aboard such as casinos, restaurants, coffee shops, performances, discotheques and an endless variety of activities.

Galapagos cruises small groups

Galapagos cruise ships offer a diverse range of activities off the ship, from kayaking to snorkeling with dolphins and sea lions, sharks and sea turtles; to hiking among lava tunnels, visits to interpretation centers, and other glimpses of bizarre otherworldly creatures such as marine iguanas, giant tortoises, the flightless cormorant and birds (boobies) with different colored feet.

Another important differentiating factor is the variety of cruise ships to choose from in the Galapagos; for such a small destination, there really is a type of boat for everyone, from family-friendly to luxury, to a private charter, to sailboats, yachts, catamarans and more.

More choices make cruising in the Galapagos not only personable but also adaptable to everyone’s needs whereas Caribbean cruises tend to be more generic and impersonal.

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