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As the Andes mountain-chain descends to the coastal and jungle regions, the mountains lose altitude and the vegetation grows larger and thicker. These Andean slopes have concentrated humidity that rises from the coast and Amazon regions, and are known as cloud forests. This magical ecosystem has a biodiversity comparable only to the Amazon Jungle and has very irregular geography, including ravines, waterfalls, secluded lakes, rivers, and hundreds of microclimates populated by a great variety of animal species. To put this in perspective, in the cloud forest of the Ecuador is possible to find more bird species than in all of North America combined.

The cloud forest in Ecuador also presents great conditions to practice many adventure sports, like rappelling down waterfalls (i.e. canyoning), rafting, canopying, mountain biking, trekking and many more activities. The cloud forest is also very accessible, as this ecosystem surrounds the Andes to either side and, thus, is possible to visit in just a short drive from Quito or other major cities.


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