The Best Galapagos Cruises for 2023


In this article, you will find a list with the best Galapagos cruises for each category and type.

These Galapagos cruises will allow you to explore the archipelago with comfort and security. Prioritizing a minimal to nonexistent impact on the delicate environment of the Galapagos, these getaways embrace the style and charm of truly nautical experiences, like in days past.

We are pioneers in the cruise industry of the Galapagos Islands. Today, there are over 70 live aboard tourist vessels in the waters around the Islands. We know all the Galapagos cruises and operators in the Archipelago, and leverage this knowledge to provide our guests with incomparable experiences. That´s why, here, we’re unveiling a trusted list of the Best Galapagos cruises with great value.

When selecting the best Galapagos cruises, our main goal is ensuring that you make the most of your vacation. We believe that better boats, manned by our highly-qualified and friendly crew, will result in an incredible experience.



The cruise category does not impact the quality of the itineraries; however, you can find the best guides on the highest category ships. The degrees of comfort found in your accommodations throughout the trip will also depend on the ship you choose. Learn the differences here.



We have selected only small-ship Galapagos cruises. Why?

For us, the best Galapagos cruises (independent of their categories) are those which allow you to avoid overcrowding, lessen the environmental impact, and minimize stress on the amazing animals of the Galápagos. As such, you can gain the most out of each visit and proceed through visiting sites without the pressure of other groups behind you!

Additionally, many larger Galápagos cruise ships have a maximum capacity of 100 passengers, but vessels of this size cannot visit certain areas when operating in the Galápagos.



Whether it's a quick getaway for yourself, the kids' first-time discovering a such an impressive destination or a private experience for your family or friends, we're here to guide you, to inspire you, to tailor an experience to your precise needs.


Family travel has never been so stress-free! Make the most of your family vacation with our Galapagos family guide.

Discover top-quality vessels featuring single cabins with no added cost. Solo cruise guide.

Planning Your Galapagos Cruise Trip



How to choose the best Galapagos cruise for you?

Selecting your perfect cruise is the most important aspect of your itinerary. They each have fixed departures and limited spaces, so you will first need to know the dates of your ideal cruise. Then, you can book your flight tickets and trip extensions.

Don't worry about your flight to the Islands. All our recommended Galapagos cruises have fixed seats, reserved up to 30 days before the trip.

If you want greater options, we recommend communicating with an operator and explaining your budget, approximate travel dates, and number of passengers, as well as other details. Based on this, they can suggest the best Galapagos cruise to fit your request.

If you have flexible dates and you like a specific cruise, be sure to ask about that vessel’s availability.

Is there Wi-Fi in any of the Galapagos cruises?

Normally, Galapagos cruises have no internet connection. Because the connection is made via satellite, the use of internet is charged as an extra service for passengers on ANY CRUISE. These prices are quite high.

Many ships that do not have or have ceased using satellite equipment. Due to their high costs and low speed, their passengers never used it.

Nonetheless, you can enjoy internet connection on the largest cruises, with an extra cost of approximately $70 per electronic device.

What is no one telling you about the availability?

Many blogs and sites depict information on how to get last-minute offers to travel in the Galapagos. What they don't tell us is: there are times of the year when you have to request availability several months in advance.

The months of April and May are usually filled and occupied almost six months in advance. In the case of Christmas, many spaces are reserved one or two years prior.

There are some boats that allow more than 90% of their occupancy to be booked in advance. So, if you have a specific Galapagos cruise in mind, it is wise to start booking your vacation as soon as possible.

There are other times of the year, such as the first week of December, or the month of January, when it is easier to find availability.

Is a cruise a good option if I get dizzy frequently?

If you’re concerned that a cruise will negatively impact your potential dizziness, don’t worry. Cruises occasionally serve as a safer travel option than traditional, land-based vacations. After all, your accommodations and travel methods are built into one, so you can rest as necessary.

However, keep in mind that for navigable day-tours to nearby islands (in your Island Hopping programs), the crossings are made with small speedboats. So, if you’re prone to seasickness, we recommend you to opt for one of our larger recommended Galapagos cruises, which provide you with other activities to enjoy.

In either case, consider these tips prior to selecting a cruise option:

  • Opt for a modern boat with electronic stabilizers.
  • Look at the vessel’s size: the bigger it is, the more stable it will be.
  • If they do not have electronic stabilizers, catamarans are not as stable as expected.
  • Take that into account.
  • Cabins below the main deck are less prone to movement. Our recommended yachts have cabins on the lower deck.
  • Taking dizziness pills or other medication prescribed by your doctor for such cases may be helpful.

When is the best time to travel to the Galapagos?

Due to their position on the equator, the climate does not undergo significant temperature changes. Therefore, the Galapagos Islands can be visited all year round.

The only factor that may change tourists’ experience on the islands is rain. However, even during the so-called rainy season, rainfall in the Galapagos is minimal. The Galapagos Islands are very arid, meaning that, even in the rainy season, you can enjoy the equatorial sun, accompanied by short and light drizzles, known as garúa.

Rainy Season: December to April.

Dry Season: May to November.

The best time to travel to the Galapagos depends on the animals you want to see. You can view our wildlife calendar.


In addition to all this information, in our Galapagos guide, you can find the following:

  • A typical Galapagos cruise itinerary.

  • When to go on a Galapagos cruise.

  • Types of food services on-board.

  • Extra activities.

  • Packing list for your cruise.

  • Luggage restrictions.

  • Activities.

  • Tipping.

  • Facilities and impediments for disabled people.