Post office bay

Post Office Bay - Floreana Island

Post office bay´s tradition was born when the crew of a British whaling ship placed a wooden barrel here in 1793, in which home-bound mail was left to be picked up by any sailor heading that way.Tradition stated that letters picked at this bay would need to be hand delivered by the one that picked them. Although the barrel has been replaced, the tradition of post office bay is still upheld to this day. Visitors look through the letters or cards in the barrel and take those with addresses near their hometowns for hand delivery.

Nowadays the post office is mainly used for fun, but in the past, it was an important means of communication for sailors who were away for years on end.

It is an accepted practice for visiting yachts to leave their calling cards--painted, carved-out pieces of driftwood--on or around the post office.

This visitor site also has a short trail that leads inland to a lava tube that extends to below sea level.