The Ecuador Cloud Forests are among the richest hubs of biodiversity on the planet. These forests are home to countless different plant species, as well as some of the rarest animals on Earth!

With over 1,500 bird species living in this exotic jungle landscape alone, including some considered endangered, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse into a curious world full of color and wonder.

Experience exclusive wildlife tours, amazing learning opportunities with the most renowned experts in their fields, and a once-in-a-lifetime adventure out in the lush Ecuador Cloud Forests today!

Diverse Wildlife


1) Spectacled Bear encounters

Bear season is expected to fall between the months of September and December.

Named after the spectacle-like markings around their eyes, the spectacled bear is quite the rare spectacle in itself! In fact, they’re so shy, they only ever come out of hiding to search for food.

Look out for these cute bears foraging along the treetops on an early morning tour!

2) Cock-of-the-Rock Tour

The Andean cock-of-the-rock has a brightly-colored plumage and fan-shaped crest that marks them as one of the most unique-looking birds in the world.

They fly down to the rainforest during mating season, so this may be your only chance to take a photo of this extraordinary bird!

3) Night Walks in the Cloud Forests

This jungle tour leads you through the cloud forests in the dead of night, where the gorgeous, glow-in-the-dark fungi light the way to make you feel like you’ve been transported to another world!

You’ll encounter many rare species of frogs, snakes, and insects too!

4) Butterfly Farm

Mindo’s vibrant butterfly garden boasts about 25 different butterfly species. The facility is home to about 1,200 beautiful butterflies that will comfortably flutter around and even delicately land on your hand.

Learn about the four stages of a butterfly’s life from our experts, and try feeding them yourself!

5) Birdwatching in Mindo

This exclusive birdwatching trek will have you crossing the roads less traveled to see some of the brightest birds in the entire world.

Get your cameras ready! You’ll catch sight of a colorful tanager flock, specialty birds like the plate-billed mountain-toucan, flitting hummingbirds, and much more!

Tons of Learning Opportunities!


6) Tupile Archeological Complex

Inspiring and seasoned archaeologists alike will adore the fascinating excavations at the Tulipe Archaeological Complex. The main archaeology complex consists of six ancient swimming pools, aqueducts, ceremonial mounds, and petroglyphs that peer back into the daily life and huge educational achievements of the Yumbo civilization.

7) Chocolate and Coffee Tours

Culinary aficionados will appreciate Mindo’s chocolate tours, which offer an in-depth look into how chocolate is made—from cacao bean to fully-formed bar. You will learn how to make authentic chocolate beverages, exactly like they were first made 5,000 years ago.

8) Environmental Education Tours

These massive educational tours are sure to satisfy your craving for knowledge!

With a wide variety of rare medicinal plants and animal species to study and observe, and an inclusive community of academics, explorers, and craftspeople just like you, you’ll have something new to learn every day!

Adventure is Out There!


9) Canopy

Thrill-seekers will get a pure rush from zip-lining through the Ecuadorian cloud forest canopy tours in Mindo. This exhilarating tour comes highly recommended from both locals and tourists alike!

Soar across the tops of the lush rainforests, all while enjoying a guided tour of the exotic landscape down below!

10) Tubing

Feeling lazy, but still want to explore the diverse cloud forest around you? Why not try tubing down the cleanest rivers in the cloud forest?

Drift peacefully through one of the calmer sections of the river by yourself or careen through the thrilling rapids with other adventurers like you!

11) The Waterfall Route

The Cascada Nambillo hiking trail boasts of gorgeous waterfalls along your path, making for the perfect photo opportunity and experience to remember.

At the end of the hike, you’ll even get the chance to swim at the base of the Cascada Nambillo!

Relax and treatments


12) Relax at the Papallacta Hot Springs

Termas Papallacta is a hot springs spa and resort where you can kick back and relax after an intense day of hiking. Hidden up in the high Andes Mountains, the soothing healing properties of these mineral hot springs will cure your aches and pains.