Galapagos Island cruises include a fascinating array of all-inclusive activities and excursions, allowing guests to explore the archipelago from multiple perspectives.

Galapagos panga activity


Pangas (inflatable dinghies) are the main means of accessing the different islands from larger vessels, but excursions by panga also provide a front row seat for exploring cliff faces, rocky islets, mangrove estuaries and hidden bays.

Galapagos kayak activity


Slowly paddling under your own steam is another popular way to experience the islands, with kayaks provided complimentary on some Galapagos Island cruises. With the absence of motor noise and a low vantage point, kayaking excursions offer up-close wildlife encounters and the freedom to follow your curiosity and explore at leisure.

Galapagos hike activity


Daily hikes led by Galapagos National Park naturalist guides offer a unique insight into the wildlife, geological history and human endeavors of the islands, following clearly marked trails. Most range from one to three hours and are suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with optional extensions for those interested in hiking longer.

Galapagos snorkel activity


Snorkeling excursions allow visitors to head below the water’s surface and discover the incredible marine life for which the Galapagos are renowned. Little or no experience is required, with instruction and all gear available as part of cruise itineraries.

Shark diving Galapagos


Scuba diving is an undeniable highlight for those with certification, venturing into deeper waters for drift dives along steep walls or exploring the boulder-strewn ocean floor.