Just because you are in your golden years doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. In fact, one of the easiest ways to travel as you get older is on a cruise, because everything is taken care of for you and you don’t have to worry about a thing. Traveling in the Galapagos after retirement is ideal because you have the money and the time to make it happen. Plus, since weather is mild year-round, you can visit in the off-season when everyone else with kids isn’t able to. Galapagos cruises for seniors is a great idea because it’s relaxing, safe, and most importantly fun, so don’t miss your chance to visit this incomparable destination.

How to choose a Galapagos Cruise for Seniors

When choosing the Galapagos Cruise that’s right for you, make sure to choose a boat with spacious social areas and comfortable bathrooms. All cruises of course feature friendly local crew members who will be at your service to provide the best and most pleasant experience possible. If you have any health restrictions that keep you from being able to do the activities proposed, make sure to check on the activities included in your cruise itineraries with your travel agent before picking a cruise. We also recommend making sure to have a travel insurance policy in case of emergencies.

Passenger with sea lions Galapagos

Galapagos Cruise Activities

Your guide will always take into consideration which activities to do according to weather conditions. The pace of the island visits is slow, between one and two miles per hour, and the paths are mostly flat and easy to navigate. Most island visits last only between 2-3 hours and follow a relaxed pace, with lots of stops for wildlife viewing, photos, and taking in the sights. You will of course have time to rest and recoup with a delicious meal between morning and afternoon visits. Activities vary between moderate and low level, and are designed to be as low-impact and safe as possible. Activities range from walking, to snorkeling, panga rides, swimming and kayaking, all at a relaxed pace. You can choose not to participate in a set activity if it doesn’t suit your health needs. Rest assured that there is always someone to help you in and out of the pangas, and your guide will adapt the visits to the group’s needs.

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What to Bring on your cruise in the Galapagos

As far as what to bring, we recommend you bring good all-terrain walking shoes that are non-slip. If you choose to bring sandals, make sure they are waterproof walking sandals like Tevas or Chacos or river shoes. You can also think about bringing a collapsible walking stick to stabilize you on the less even terrain. Nonetheless, keep in mind that for the most part you will be walking on even trails or boardwalks that provide for stable and pleasant walking conditions.

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The Galapagos Islands is on many people’s bucket list, which makes it a great option to celebrate retirement. Since prices are prohibitive in order to avoid mass tourism and spoiling the natural ecosystem, you can save up during your working years and celebrate your newly found freedom with a Galapagos Cruise You can even plan for a Galapagos cruise charter and explore the islands, celebrating your retirement with your loved ones on an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best part about charters is that they can easily adapt to your fitness level and you can choose the island itinerary that you are most interested in.

Have questions? Bespoke Galapagos staff are waiting to answer any and all questions and help you choose the cruise ship and itinerary that’s most suited to your needs.