Story written by: Deborah Baxley

Passenger of the S/S Mary Anne

I had the most wonderful time on the Mary Anne in May 2018.  I took the 7-day eastern route on this fantastic, beautiful boat with just 15 other passengers and 10 crew. Every day was amazing and packed with activities.  Hiking/walking over boulders, looking at all the wild life SO CLOSE UP, EYE-TO-EYE.  The huge sea birds including blue footed boobies, “red bloaty” mating male frigates and enormous albatross’s just sit in front of you, fearless and staring you right in the eye.  Sometimes they blocked our path and we had to carefully sidestep around them. I snorkeled, kayaked, kayaked and had panga rides every single day, sometimes more than once.

I got up close and personal with a beautiful sea lion UNDER WATER. One of my snorkeling experiences was life changing, it was so beautiful, flying over so many millions and millions of sardines, cardinal fish and surgeons, I also got the chance to scuba dive one day and saw many things I'd rarely seen elsewhere including sharks, rays, sea turtles, and brilliantly colored stars.  Our final afternoon was at what has been named one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, and it was scattered with hundreds of adorable, playful sea lions, relaxing and playing games in the sea.

This vacation is ideal for photographers, and nature lovers.  All the passengers, including myself, were fairly adventurous travelers and pretty active people.

It may sound like the vacation was a lot of work and tiring, but we had plenty of time to relax, and without the distractions of everyday life (TV, cell coverage) we all went to bed fairly early and got plenty of sleep.  We arose each day to a wonderful breakfast and relaxed each mid-day over a hot lunch.  Every evening we sprawled out on the deck over cocktails and snacks, our laundry flapping colorfully in the wind, followed by a wonderful dinner. Every aspect of the vacation was great - the food, the accommodations, the ambiance, the crew, the guide, and the other passengers.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • The animals you see on the Galapagos are like nowhere else in the world.
  • The Galapagos is one of the few places where animals and humans cohabit peacefully. As the animals never experienced humans as predators, you can get up close and personal with them without them being afraid of you.
  • It’s a place where when snorkeling you are guaranteed to see something of interest: sea turtles, sharks, sea lions, exotic fish, and in some places you may even see penguins or kayak along with dolphins!
  • The weather is amazing 365 days of the year, making it a year-rong travel destination.
  • It’s a bird watcher and animal lover’s paradise.
  • The Galapagos locals will make you feel immediately at home. As tourism is limited to the Islands, the locals are still excited to see tourists and interact with them unlike in other island destinations that have been over-run with tourism.
  • As the dollar is the official currency in Ecuador, it’s easy and inexpensive to get around.
  • It’s the safest place I’ve ever lived.

If the Galapagos Islands aren’t already on your bucket list, then you definitely must add them—it’s an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that you will never forget!

You can fall in love with the Galapagos.