The Galapagos lies at the western-most corner of Western thought, a remote huddle of volcanic islets once deemed uninhabitable – one of human history´s most enigmatic corners and one of our planet´s last colonized territories, considered a wasteland in the eyes of pirates and poets alike. Yet, it has since unveiled to those who have craved to delve into its distant and obscure heart and soul, the secrets of life on Earth, the magic of evolution, the magnificence of survival, the parade of underwater diversity, the spectacle of volcanic geology and Mankind’s unfaltering hope of conservation.

Galapagos is one of the most ecologically relevant destinations in the world: a true crucible of science and wonder.

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A places that takes mystery to its final frontier holds the essence of wonder and discovery.

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As the islands have turned into a flagship of conservation, so has the opportunity to visit them and to be a witness of this one-and-only master-piece of nature in its purest and most pristine state.

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Different people enjoy different things in Galapagos Islands as the destiny has has much more to offer than can be seen and done during a single visit. That´s why we recommend to better contact our travel experts help you with your visit. However, we have some general tips you may know before to travel to Galapagos.

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Kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, panga riding, wildlife observation and scuba diving are one of the main activities you can practice while cruising the Galapagos.