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Punta Cormorant - Floreana Island

Although the name appears to be straightforward, there are actually no cormorants in this visitor site. The origin of its name is not exactly known, and although there are many stories about it, it remains a mystery.

The visit begins at the beach that hides a large brackish lagoon, where is usual to find a large number of flamingos and white-cheeked pintails. Visitors that remain quiet are often rewarded with nearer encounters with the fauna. This place is also a good spot to see the flamingoes' mudpie-like nests at the other side of the lagoon.

A short walk over volcanic cinders, where Galapagos flycatchers are usually present, leads to a sandy beach composed of coral ground so fine that it feels like flour. Pacific green turtles nest here from December to March, and can often be seen waiting to mate close to the shore. This beach is also an excellent place to see stingrays in the sand, but swimming from here is not allowed.