Punta Moreno

Punta Moreno - Isabela Island

The pahoehoe lava at Punta Moreno, a seldom-visited site, is a classic example of how gas-rich basaltic rock cools to look like loosely coiled rope. Although at first glance it seems a lifeless landscape, a little exploration reveals natural pools that have been colonized by ducks, waders, stilts, blue-winged teal, flamingos, and moorhens (common gallinules).

Great blue herons and flightless cormorants also frequent the areas, while pelicans nest in the mangrove forest. Very large marine iguanas are spread around the rocks, and white tipped reef sharks may be found in a pool along the shore.

Although this is not an easy hike due to the sharp rocks, it can be enjoyed by almost everybody and presents an unforgettable landscape. It's advised to bring plenty of water during this visit, as the lava field reflects the sun, making the temperature higher than in other suites.