Stepping foot on the islands of the Galapagos is a highlight for many visitors, allowing guests to get up close to wildlife and immerse themselves in the magnificent landscapes and unique ecosystems. Cruise-based tours include a range of short hikes led by Galapagos National Park naturalist guides, offering a fascinating insight into the natural and geological history of the islands, together with man’s influence over the last 150 years.

From tracking giant tortoises to witnessing the unique mating rituals of the waved albatross and blue-footed boobies, hiking excursions in the Galapagos Islands are sure to offer unforgettable wildlife encounters.

For those who would like to explore more extensively on foot, dedicated hiking itineraries are also offered throughout the archipelago. Experience endemic Scalesia and Miconia forests, trek to the rim of an active caldera and explore incredible lava formations like nowhere else on earth. Hiking tours in the Galapagos enable you to get off the beaten track and experience landscapes that few other visitors see while taking the time to truly appreciate the natural wonders you are encountering with the help of a naturalist guide.